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 The laboratory X-Tech SpA, besides making pure research, offers a service of analysis and materials testing for third parties, providing technical and scientific assistance to sanitary ware and crockery companies. For this reason four areas have been fitted to different kinds of analysis :

      -          A Physical area, to study the physical characteristics of materials;
-          A Chemical area, for the chemical tests and the reagents manipulation;
-          A Kilns area, for the firing phase;
-          A Mold area, for the casting phase and the samples shaping.

PHYSICAL AREA : the laboratory has a wide air-conditioned sector where several instruments are located. These instruments are used to investigate ceramic products end non-metallic materials. Some of the analysis we are able to make are: studies of physical and mineralogical transformations of the samples during the firing phase, particle size distributions of raw materials, deflection and expansion with the growing of temperature, rheological studies, high pressure analysis, bending strength tests on ceramic bodies and raw materials, melting point measure of glazes, analysis of humidity and pH values ,…
CHEMICAL AREA : the laboratory is equipped with a special sector for chemical analysis, outfitted with a safety box containing several reagents used for the chemical tests, and an extractor hood for the substances manipulation. This area is also equipped with every kind of laboratory glassware including graduated flasks, pipettes, funnels, Becher and so on.
KILNS AREA : in this area we can find different solutions for the firing phase of ceramic materials, since it is equipped both with a single big chamber and with a special gradient kiln including six independent chambers. The internal dimensions of the first one are: 410 x 500 x 400 mm, the maximum reachable temperature is 1300° C and the thermical gradient is adjustable in accordance with the products to fire. Otherwise the gradient kiln comprises six chambers 150 x 150 x 110 mm each. Using the appropriate software it is possible to set six different gradients of temperature with a maximum value of 1300°C.
MOLD AREA: the laboratory is fitted with several plaster molds for the slip casting of ceramic slurry, through which a variety of samples differing in size and geometry are obtained, then dried and used to execute the tests. Some of the available molds are used to acquire samples for the drying and firing shrinkage tests, for the deformation test, for the bending strength test and several other analysis.
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